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Super Hat Mini Series!

Hi-hats are very powerful sounds in beats that don’t get as much credit as they should.

This page contains a mini hi-hat series created by Beatstruggles. Below are 3 videos for you to watch, but they also contain their own page which you can do further reading on that subject.

You can click the link near the top under each heading.

Tips on Using Hi-Hats in Beats

Hi-hats quickly go unnoticed because of their quick, bland sound while being played solo. However, added into a beat, these hats are almost hard to do without!

It’s amazing how such a short, but sharp sound, can really have so much power in your beat!

This mini series on using Hi-Hats in your beats covers the following topics:

  • Layering
  • Velocity — Lowering the volume on some hits for bounce
  • Open Hats to bring back the loop
  • Grouping Hats for easier mixing

So below is the 3-part mini series. But again, for further reading on that topic, just click the link under each heading.

Enjoy the videos!

Video #1 — Layering Your Hats,

Read more about Layering Your Hats:

Video #2 — Cool Live Hat Technique,

Read more about Cool Live Hat Technique:

Video #3 — Grouping Hats + Creating Shakers,

Read more about Grouping Hats + Creating Shakers:

A bunch of tricks about hi-hats!

So there you have it!  Hope these tricks help in your beatmaking process!

If you’d like to get updates about videos, you can subscribe to Beatstruggles on YouTube!

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