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High Impact Sound Kit – Review SoundsinHD

High Impact is a MUST-HAVE!

High Impact has been a phenomenal addition to my sounds. I see myself using this kit for years to come, and is great to know that even if I don’t use it, I still have those deep kicks, airy claps, and perfectly touched reverbed snares around! (JUST IN CASE! ;)).

Discount on High Impact,

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Written Review,

So for the written part of this review I have nothing but good for this kit.  I’ve been on a hunt to find an exceptional kit and I have honestly finally found it.  The kicks in this kit are amazing.  They give you such flexibility to layer, create any genre, and are just so clean and powerful.  I am over-excited at the moment because of Sound in HD’s High Impact

This really is an industry standard.

The snares are awesome, such unique sounds.  From those real crunch snares that I am always looking for in my other reviews, to those super epic snares, to that real “crack”.  These snares are a powerhouse, yet at the same time as gentle as you want them to be.  Nothing but non-stop creativity for me at the moment!

The only downside to this kit as I mentioned in the video is no hats, cymbals, toms etc.  But it comes with LOADS of percussion which is exceptional also!  And there are always ways around no hats, watch the video ;).

I would say this is a more of a “add-on” kit rather than a producer starter kit kind of kit.  So if you don’t have hats/cymbals I would get another kit PLUS THIS KIT lol.  For real, this kit is a must.  I struggled with my sounds before and this has opened up a new door for me!

The claps are also unreal.  Again, also like the snares, super epic, those hard crunch kind of claps, and also those super gentle claps allowing you for all genres.  All these sounds are so loud and crisp.  This kit makes my sound packs @ look ashamed that it makes me think I should just give mine for free.

I personally am not a producer that likes to use others created loops, but the loops created are very sick and inspirational.  If you teach try to mimic the loops in this kit they could really teach you a lot.

Once again, nothing but good.

Beatmaking Video with High Impact,

There’s just like so many sounds that are good sounding, and I want to add them all in! (From Beatmaking video @ 9:33)

— GratuiTous


I am amazed with the quality.  This kit is a must, it outshines all my other kits by far.  Thank-you for the quality Sounds IN HD!  The only downside is no hats/cymbals, but they have them in every other kit they have put out!  Also maybe a super deep 808 Lex Luger style to allow for “all” types of music.  I am over impressed if that is humanly possible.

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