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The Indestructible Dynamic Microphone

If you’ve done any research on YouTube for the Shure SM58, you’ve probably seen some videos of testing the build quality; it holds up amazing!

It’s a very affordable microphone, and would be a good starter microphone towards those trying to understand how to record, and what it’s all about!

The microphone comes with a soft case, plus a mic clip, which works fairly nice!

The Sound of the Shure SM58

I really feel that the sound out of the Shure SM58 is very dull. So dull, I use it only in certain situations, like Beatstruggles tutorials in the winter when the heat is on to reduce the background noise of the furnace.

Other than this, ever since I’ve used a condenser, I can’t get away from the rich, warmth out of what a condenser can provide.

Really Nice Price Point,

Shure SM58 Close

One thing to really point out is the price point. This mic is about $110, which is very affordable comparing to high quality microphones.

As mentioned, if you are just starting recording, learning about EQ etc. This is a great starting point to get your audio into your computer so you can learn how to mix, and practice some recording techniques.

Wouldn’t Recommend for Rap/Urban Vocals,

I really like the price point, I really like the build quality of it, but when recording a vocal for one of my songs, I keep thinking to myself I should of used the condenser while in the mixing stage of the song.


Shure SM58 Bottom XLR

Since it’s a dynamic microphone, you do not need phantom power, although, most audio interfaces nowadays come with phantom power.

The connection is also XLR. (As you can see in the image above).

Also keep in mind, most of these microphones do not come with cables, depending on the brand, and if you purchase a bundle deal with your microphone. (I’d highly recommend Googling bundle deals regarding the microphone you’re interested in!).

A Solid Microphone for the Price,

Shure SM 58 Top

Overall, the microphone is a solid mic. Depending on the type of music you are recording, it can be a perfect fit for you!

I really like the price and durability of the Shure SM58.

If using for a vocal on stage, it would be a great choice!

Reach out with any questions you have, or get started with my FL Studio courses 👉

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