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Should You Add Voice Tags in Your Beats?

Beat tags were a learning curve when starting up my own beatstore, so I’d like to give some insight to how beat tags can benefit you, and what to look out for. If you’d like to learn how to make a simple beat tag, let me know by commenting below, I can make a tutorial on that.

The Benefits of Beat Tags,

So what are beat tags, and why do people use them?

Beat tags are just a form of protection to keep your beats from being stolen. However, if you use your beat tags wisely, you can use them for free branding, while protecting your beats at the same time!

It’s very important to use audible beat tags so you can reap the benefits of branding.

Think about this, if someone downloads your track and passes it to a friend, your beat can easily get lost if it wasn’t ID3 tagged properly. This is where branding comes in with your beat tags. If you included your audible beat tags over your beat, and someone listens to your track and thinks, “Who made this beat? — Or, where can I buy this beat?”, if you’ve included your beatstore in your beat tag, now they know where to find you.

If you’re nervous of someone downloading your beat without paying for it, well, at least they’re going to have your beat tag playing through their verse. 😉

Let’s make a little list about how beat tags can help you.

  • Great for branding — if you use a proper, audible beat tag.
  • Beat protection — you want to protect your product.
  • Catchy — beat tags can actually be catchy, and enhance the beat. Or be used as a transition from verse to chorus.

Proper Beat Tags

Your beat tag can sound as cool as you want, but if what’s said is not clear, you’re not reaping the benefits of free advertising through your beat tags. So audible beat tags are a must.

Now, what are some things you can say over your beats to benefit from the free advertising?

Your Website/Beatstore

Your website is probably #1 on the list. You want a way for your customers to come back and visit your store. Keep in mind about the future, are you always going to keep the same website? (Even if you do change your website domain, there’s ways around to not lose those people visiting your website. You can always forward your old domain to your new one. Example, when people type your old www. It automatically redirects them to your new www.)

Something like “GratuiTousBeats.com” with a delay is good enough! You can take it to the next level of adding other effects and twists, but really focus on the clarity of the beat tag.

Other things you can say is your beatmaking name, or even your contact info, such as your email, if you can make it sound decent!

Too Secure with Your Beat Tags?

Yes, beat tags are a form of protection to prevent theft of your beats, but you must be careful how often the beat tag is played throughout your beat.

This is something I am guilty of. I was over protective of my beats, having my beat tag played about every 7 seconds! This is nothing but annoying, even for yourself as the listener of your own beat! Why would someone want to download a beat to listen to, or write to if all they hear is your beat tag? (Sometimes people download a beat so they can write to it, and once they feel they have a nice song, then they come and purchase the beat!).

Maybe add your tag once a verse, and once a chorus. Some producers don’t even add it that much, just at the beginning and end of the track.

Think about it, why would someone want to download your beat if it’s just a beat tag playing every couple of seconds? That doesn’t make sense — you gotta think realistically.

Why Do I Want People Downloading My Beats?

There are thousands of beatmakers, what makes your beats stand out from the rest? That’s a big question, but if you slow down on how often you beat tag plays throughout your beat, people may still download your beats, and keep up to date with you. And a beat tag can be catchy if used in the right way!

The idea is that because so many producers are out there nowadays, you want to get as many people listening to your music as possible. If you hold your beats back from anyone listening.. how is your music going to grow? — I know it’s hard to get to the place of these popular producers, but they’ve worked to where they are just like you’re trying to do, but didn’t give up.

If you are really protective of your beats, you won’t have many downloads, and you won’t have many people listening to your beats on their iPod’s etc. Remember, they still have to pay to get the tag removed from the beat, and if they want the tag removed, they know where to find you cause you’ve left that info in your beat tag right?

Overall, your beat tags provide protection, and branding. Surprisingly, your beat tag can even be catchy, and add to the beat! But, if your tag is heard too often over your beat, no one will want to download this! — Sure, it’s very protective, but a tag every once in awhile will get the job done just as well, keep your customers downloading the beats to listen to, and may increase sales because they can’t get enough of your beats ;).

Remember, clarity in your beat tags!



GratuiTous is an artist and producer for the name of Jesus. He has many FL Studio Courses, and many BEAT TAPES and ALBUMS! In 2020 he became a Recognized FL Studio Trainer, and was previously an electrician for 10 years in Canada! Learn more..

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8 thoughts on “Should You Add Voice Tags in Your Beats?”

  1. I think tags (since they can be chopped out) should be placed in a way that makes it laborious for the producer / artist / engineer to remove. Especially when you upload music online. Now, if the artist has purchased a license ~ its removed. Just my $.02

    1. Hey!

      I still think adding a voice tag over your beat is still a great form of protection, as well as brand awareness.

      If you create a catchy voice tag, that alone can be well-known and recognized.

      The removing of the voice tag sounds pretty tricky.. I guess what you’re saying is to add it over a build-up that is unique compared to other parts of the song.. that way it’s pretty much impossible to remove..

      Thanks for coming through!

      1. Exactly.
        Peep the scenario: I recently had an artist come and buy an Exclusive license. After he paid, I sent him the files and told him to send me a copy of the track when it was done.. 5 minutes later he sends me a link to a YouTube video with a full completed song over the track…and it had no beat tags. Now, typically I wouldn’t think twice about it except for one thing ~ that beat was never leased before! So obviously the beat had been edited to remove the tag. The funny thing is that the beat was tagged heavily (Like tags running every 5-7 secs) so you know they spent some time removing the tags. It goes to show, tag or not, if the beat is dope – the tag doesn’t matter.. =)

        1. Thanks for sharing the story!

          That’s crazy! What if you had tons of delay/reverb on the voice tag? .. Probably be pretty hard to remove, as I guess that’s what you meant by ‘making it laborious’ for them to remove.

          Good input man!

          So you’re saying, yes still use tags, but place them so it’s more effort to remove.

          (I also checked out some of your beats! I really liked them – especially the westcoast flavored ones!)

  2. This post hits the nail on the head. Don’t just use beat tags to protect your beats, use them to brand your beats. Every time someone hears your drop on a finished beat, they will know who produced it.

    Equally, every time then come across a downloaded beat laced (sparingly) with your tag, they will know where to go for licencing options and for other dope beats.

    If you’re interested in beat tags, please visit http://www.tagyourbeats.com. We have a range of voices, including British Female, Sexy American Female and Street DJ Male. Low prices, quality tags.

      1. I do a beat tag over my beats every 40 seconds because Im very protected about my beat you think that’s cool every 40 seconds.

        1. Hey Eugene – In all honesty, from personal experience, I’ve found a beat tag at the beginning and an end of a track is usually best. It can distract the listener from the track if played too much!

          If anything, maybe right before a chorus, because that can sometimes sound catchy 😉

          Anything extra gets annoying, especially if you’re beat tag isn’t catchy in the first place!

          Hope that helps!

          (P.S. – You got to think, there’s thousand of online producers out there, if you’re super protective of your beats, it’s going to be hard getting people to listen them!)

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