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Setting Achievable Goals with Selling Beats

When trying to sell beats, it can be very overwhelming and intimidating.

This is why you have to set achievable goals. Not goals that stress you out, and pull you down. But achievable goals that are much easier to complete.

An achievable goal would be something like.. sell two beats a month! — This is a great starting point!

When you start to look at the super producers who are making sales left and right, this will immediately make you want to lust for more, make reaching your goal feel harder, and make you think,

Why can’t I sell beats like that?

Many times people have a good break in the audio industry, and success comes quicker than others. However, I feel this is a lame reason why you can’t sell your beats, so let’s go into some details which require hard-work, and perseverance :).

Setting TOO BIG of a Goal,

When you set too BIG of a goal, you will become worn down very fast. Let’s look at an example of a BIG GOAL.

Live off of my beats. Make sustainable income, and make a career out of beatmaking.

This is the goal every beatmaker wants to obtain, and the cool thing is the beatmakers who do obtain this, they’ve obtained it by taking different routes to get there.

Now, I can tell you right away, if you’ve set this goal, this is great; you’re a big thinker! But if you don’t think realistically, you’re going to forget all the little ups and downs in between to get there; there’s going to be lots of hard times, but good times as well!

In order to make sustainable income off your beats, there’s a lot to learn. Selling beats online requires fairly good organization skills, because many times TIME = MONEY right?

Thinker — Did you know you can export a .WAV and .MP3 version of your track at same time in FL Studio? This saves you time from having to export twice!

So How Should I Go About Reaching my BIG GOAL?

So this is my look towards achieving the BIG GOAL we mentioned above. “Making a career out of selling beats online”.

To create a career off of selling beats you’re going to need to be selling a lot of beats to get there, especially if all you’re selling is just leases!

Big Goals-Little Goals

So you have your BIG GOAL, that’s great! — Now, let’s create a smaller goal, such as sell two beats a month. When starting out, this is a great goal to achieve. If you’ve done this two or three months in a row, then it’s time to upgrade your goal.

You can change this into something like sell two beats a week, or five beats in a month.

You see where I’m going with this? In order to get to your BIG GOAL, you should create the little goals that reach to this BIG GOAL.

The Less Stressful, but Stressful Route,

By taking this process, you learn the ins and outs of how to get organized, provide great customer service, learn from your errors, and build up to that BIG GOAL.

In this industry, while looking at the super producers, it makes you feel intimidated, and that you will never reach the goal you want. However, if you set these smaller goals, which work towards the BIG GOAL you have planned, it will be a lot more of an enjoyable journey to accomplish. (Plus, have a good story to tell in the end!).

Reach out with any questions you have, or get started with my FL Studio courses 👉

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