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Free Serum Presets (XferRecords) - Free Serum Bank Initial by GratuiTous

Did you know not all presets are created for beatmakers?

It’s true!

Let me quickly explain!

Compared to say a composer or sound designer, beatmaker’s presets need to have these features:

Make sure your presets are tailored for beatmaking!

Serum Presets for BEATMAKERS

Please try my FREE Serum Bank (free download above).

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Forgotten Gems Serum Bank Bundle by GratuiTous
Forgotten Gems Serum Bundle by GratuiTous

What’s Included in the Serum Bundle?

The sounds are just like my FREE Serum Bank!!

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More Info on Each Serum Bank

The names of the Serum Banks are:

I created these Serum Presets because I found stock presets mess with pitch too much, which makes it hard for powerful chords.. so I attempted sound design to learn Serum (for an upcoming course), and to make decent presets for myself.

These are by no means the world’s best presets, but they are designed with beatmakers in mind!

Here’s an example of my music:

Business Transactions (BEAT TAPES By GratuiTous Vol. 9)

This beat was actually created with my Sylenth1 Presets, but the same concept applies.. presets made for beatmakers who want to create catchy melodies and powerful chords.

Here are the presets inside each Serum Bank!

The exact presets inside my FORGOTTEN GEMS Serum Bundle!

Serum Presets for Beatmakers!

No pressure if you just want my Free Serum Bank.

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Premium Serum Presets - Serum Bank (XferRecords) - Premium V1 by GratuiTous

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