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Saving Sounds you’ve Sound Designed in FL Studio with Edison

If you’ve been producing for a couple of months, I’m sure you’ve come across a certain sound you wanted to keep, but didn’t know how to record and save it.

Let me introduce you to Edison. Yes, this is still possible to record the sound without Edison in FL Studio (just like you would record a vocal), but Edison is way easier, much faster, and gives lots of room for error and redos.

Create a Personal Sounds Folder

If you haven’t created your own personal folder for your own created sounds yet, I’d do that right now.

Organize it in such a way where you can store kick drums, claps, and your snares all separately. And if you’re a business kind of guy, create different folders to set up different products which you could eventually sell.

If you want help organizing your personal production folder, definitely check the course: A Specific Music Production Folder.

Creating a folder for personal sounds is very important for creating your own sound as a producer.

Whether this be recording a snippet of a beat you’ve created, or just saving the drum loop out of one of your tracks to chop up for another beat.

I say your own beat because this avoids copyright issues of taking other’s music to sample/chop. Plus, just keeps you original always 🙂 .

For myself personally, when ever I create riser sounds in my beats, or if I make a hot drum loop, I’ll record it into Edison, save it into my personal sound folder (labeling the BPM if it’s a drum loop), and storing it for later. (Whether this be to stock up for a sound kit to sell, or just stash for my personal collection!)

So, tips to recording these cool sounds you’ve made inside FL Studio with Edison:

Depending what I’m doing, I’ll usually open Edison on the master channel as the last effect. This is because audio flows in series through plugins (audio goes in one plugin, effects it, then that effected audio goes into another plugin, which is effected even more etc. – If you have more than one plugin on a mixer insert).

So, if I put Edison last out of all the plugins (being the last plugin on the Master buss), I’ll capture the sound exactly as I’m hearing it.

Now to record – After Edison is set up on the master channel as the last effect, you’ll want to select either “On Input” or “Input” – This selects a certain way to record your sound.


It works like this: Select either one of the two options above, and click the record button. You will see Edison wait to record, and not start automatically! This is important for sound design.

Set up your sound, click record on Edison, and finally hit your key to play the sound for Edison to record. I tend to lean towards Input more because it stops recording after the sound is done playing.

There is a down-side to Input I’ve found though; if you have effects like delay, sometimes Input will cut off the sound once it gets really quiet, but it’s still actually playing! Therefore “On Input” may be a better approach. (Try all 4 options Edison gives you. You may find one you like even more!)

Finally, to save the sound, I highlight the sound, and click + hold the arrow with the paper icon (second from the right.)


Sorry – I didn’t show highlighting the sound in the video, but I do it like this:


I actually drag this sound directly into the FL Browser where you select your sounds! Just make sure to open the folder you want the sound to go into prior to click+holding.

Drop it in there, and you’re good to go. You can even rename the sound inside Edison itself so you don’t get a weird string of numbers.


P.S. – A shortcut to open up Edison is CTRL + E – It’s helpful when you want to quickly record a sound without having to open up Edison manually with the mouse!

Saving your sounds in FL Studio with Edison like this is super powerful for long-term uniqueness as a producer! Store up your sounds, and you’ll have a real creative catalog of sounds that just you, and only you, own 🙂 .



GratuiTous is an artist and producer for the name of Jesus. He has many FL Studio Courses, and many BEAT TAPES and ALBUMS! In 2020 he became a Recognized FL Studio Trainer, and was previously an electrician for 10 years in Canada! Learn more..

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