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Default Description on YouTube,

The YouTube description can be annoying, at times, when it comes to typing. Not that it’s annoying by itself, or how it’s designed, but because you have to type in all your info each time!

So, YouTube has made this easy on us users with a simply tool called Default Description. Type what you want to say ONCE, then turn on the auto-pilot!

This default description is great for those who make beats. This is because, you usually don’t have anything new to share on each beat upload. You probably just have your beatstore/website you want to share near the top, social media links (Facebook and Twitter), and that’s probably it!

Now, if you’d have to type this in EACH time, it makes the upload process quite annoying! — You could however, write it up into a text document, then when it comes time to upload, you just open the text document, and copy and paste it over into your video’s description. But why do that, when you can do it automatically with default description !

Marketing on YouTube — Choosing the Best YouTube Title !

Like Google search, YouTube is a HUGE place for free marketing; it’s all in how you label your title and tags. If you are uploading a beat, name it “Hip-Hop Beat 2013: Beat NameProducer Name“, or something of the like.

Also, a great tip — there’s key word tools out there where you can search to see what people are searching the most. Type in different names like rap beats, urban beats, trap beats etc. into the keyword tool, and see the estimate search results. Now, you can determine what you want to name your title!

Choosing the Best YouTube Tags,

Yes, the default description allows you to write, and save your tags, but I think it’s good to originally write them on each video.

Use these key word tools to find out some words that are popular, choose the best one for the actual title of the YouTube video, which relates to your video, then apply a few of these other popular ones to your tags.

How Do You Go about Uploading Your YouTube Videos?

If you have any ways to save time, let us know! — Hope YouTube’s default description saves you time!

Reach out with any questions you have, or get started with my FL Studio courses 👉

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