Sakura’s Special Sauce,

To first mention, Sakura is a real cool VST to play around with. It comes loaded with a bunch of real bass sounds, as if you were recording a real bass guitar.

I find myself losing track of time playing through the sounds, even though.. they don’t sound overly high quality.

Is it the interface, or maybe the way the sounds actually sound that keeps me playing? I’m not sure, but the VST gives you tons of flexibility on what you want to route, and a fair amount of control over your sound.

Cheap, Tingy Sound,

So personally, I feel that Sakura’s sounds are quite cheap sounding. Although it’s fun to play, sending out a demo to a friend to listen to, may give your beats that amateur touch to them, rather than professional!


However, that does not mean one cannot learn with Sakura. Sakura offers the user close to sky-is-the-limit sound design with a bunch of cool features such as the exciter.

I really like on Image-Line plugins, the ability to just enable or disable delay/reverb. One can quickly adjust the step of the delay and mix amount. This makes for a real quick, warm sound while tweaking!

Replaced with a Higher Quality VST, Nexus 2,

For awhile I stopped using Sakura, reason being, I bought Nexus 2. Now Nexus 2 does not allow for tons of sound manipulation, where as Sakura does. I do feel that a user can learn a lot more from using Sakura, but overall.. Nexus 2 has the richer, higher-quality sound to it.

Overall Thoughts Towards Sakura,

I liked that you have lots of control over the VST, which is a nice feature. The interface is a little weird to work with at first, but after you play around with it, it becomes more understandable.

The sounds are definitely decent, and they provide you with tons of selection. The stock sounds provided include violins, pianos, bass lines, flutes, to just unique sounds. I really like a couple of the bass lines, they are deep and clear, plus have that REAL human-like bassline feel to them. I have nothing bad really to say about Sakura, other than the tingy/cheap sound to it!

Check out Sakura at Image-Line’s store!