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[BOOK] – Safe Spots: Placing Your Sounds In Your Songs For Them To Sound Good No Matter What

My second book is now available!

The book is on Amazon in both eBook and Paperback formats!

I’ve talked about Safe Spots quite a bit on my blog over the years.

It mainly stemmed from my Foundational Drum Loop Basics course, and was sprinkled in my blog posts throughout the years.

Note: A brand-new Safe Spots Course has been created!

The idea of Safe Spots is having the knowledge of where to place your sounds for them to sound good no matter what.

One of my favorite quotes in the book was:

I personally feel the division from a professional to amateur producer is in their sound placement.

This book also includes pictures, which turned out really well! (I was impressed with the quality of the print!)

We cover a lot of fundamentals to teach you what goes into a powerful drum loop, while keeping your listener’s ears refreshed!

I hope this book inspires your drum loops and gives you a different perspective to your drum loop creation!

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