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Rode PSA-1 Unboxing

First Thoughts Towards Rode’s PSA-1

After watching a few reviews, and unboxings of my own, I decided to go with the Rode PSA-1 for the price. Plus, here in Canada, always has products on discount!

Upon unboxing, I was overall happy with my purchase. After setting up the Rode PSA-1 everything fit in place, was very easy to install, and has a very silent swivel. I think the price Rode offers for their PSA-1 is fair, as the product says what they describe, and it’s relatively cheap, compared to higher-end products. Not to say the product is built cheap, it feels like pretty sturdy, and holds my mics in place great!

Noise Distributed by Mounting on Desk,

Rode PSA-1 On Desk

Now, while setting up your PSA-1, or any boom stand, you have to keep in mind about noise. By noise, I mean if you’ve attached the boomstand to your desk where you type on a keyboard, your microphone is going to pick this up very noticeably, even if the mic has a shock mount!

At first, I set up the Rode PSA-1 with my Audio Technica 2035 on my desk. After doing one tutorial, I noticed a bass sound in my audio. I quickly realized that it was only while I was typing, playing my keyboard, or touched my desk. A few of the pictures on this blog post show it’s on my computer desk, however, I took a picture on the right specifically to show you that I no longer have it on my desk, for the sake of this unwanted vibration noise. It’s mounted on the shelf that my third monitor is supported on.

Once set up, I was pretty impressed with how it worked. Very smooth, full 360 degree motion, and actually stayed where you put it!

Before I placed my microphone in the Rode PSA-1, the stand kept jumping up on me. However, once the microphone was in, I was amazed how it stayed where I wanted it to go!


I may have a review on this in the future to let you know how it holds up.. but I’m not sure if it needs one haha, I’ll tell you right now, once I plugged it in to the table mount, screwed my shock mount, and pop my microphone in the shock mount, it performed great instantly!

Really looking forward to doing some new videos with this!

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