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Reviews Section Added to the Website!

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Mentioned Resources:

You can view the first review in action of the M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49.
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    Hey everyone!

    The reviews section has now been added to the website.

    These reviews are specifically aimed at the FL Studio DAW to help FL Studio users make better purchasing decisions. These products will be tools that I have personally purchased, and my own honest review on them.

    This took A LOT of planning.. as I had to figure out a rating system and design layout that was useful, made sense, and something I could use over and over again for upcoming reviews.

    To access the reviews section, you can now see it in the main navigation bar:

    The First Review is the New M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49:

    If you’d like to see the first review in action, please visit the M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 review!:

    If you are new around here and not on the email list already, you can sign-up with your email here.

    I hope this reviews area will be a valuable resource to making wise, and long-lasting purchasing decisions.

    You may also find my LEARN YOUR GEAR page another valuable resource.

    More content coming soon.

    Thanks for your patience. This one was a lot of work, but I hope it shows.

    Visit the M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 Review to see the review section in action!

    Written by GratuiTous

    GratuiTous teaches producers how to use FL Studio, and become well-rounded producers.

    He has TONS of FL Studio content to get you learning.. see below!

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