Free Resources and Music Producer Tools

by | Jun 30, 2017

free resources and producer tools

Besides my free FL Studio course..

I have combined an awesome resource page of my favorite tools, and how-to guides.

I only recommend and share products/tips I personally would use myself. That’s the whole point of my blog.

Teaching is a passion of mine – below you will find valuable resources to the topics you are after.

I do keep these updated with the newest trends and products that I use and recommend.

I hope you enjoy these!

They should make your process to learn much faster.

Gear and Plugins:

Here is the gear which I either currently use, or recommend to you.

We go in-depth about each topic and popular brands within the industry which have been known for best performance-to-price ratio.

Best Computer for Music Production

Best Computer for Music

I put 15-20 hours of research for my own build – watch the videos!
My Favorite Sound Kits

My Favorite Sound Kits

I’ve searched a long time for these sounds. Absolute premium
My Current Microphones

Favorite VSTi's [Beatmaking]

I tend to use certain VSTs more than others for making beats..
Audio Interfaces

Audio Interfaces

Learn what an audio interface is, and what brands to buy!
Favorite Mixing Plugins

My Favorite Mixing Plugins

Learn what an audio interface is, and what brands to buy!
Reference Monitors

Reference Monitors

Learn what an audio interface is, and what brands to buy!
Favorite Mastering Plugins

Mastering Plugins

Mastering is all about metering, and gentleness..
Recommended Midi Keyboard

Recommended Midi Keyboards

Usually jam-packed with features you don’t use and reflected in price
My Current Microphones

Current Microphones

Microphones I currently use and would recommend.

Popular How-To Guides:

Here are some helpful how-to guides.

Some of these are the most visited pages on my site, while others I feel are really beneficial.

Gear Needed to Make Beats

Beatmaking Equipment

Learn what beatmaking hardware is needed for music production.

Tools Needed to Recorded Vocals

Equipment to Record Vocals

Just a microphone isn’t needed to record vocals or instruments!
Main Music Production Folder

Foundation Music Folder

Before you producing, creating a main folder is absolutely essential.
Optimum FL Studio Workflow

Optimize FL studio

I tweak FL Studio with my own custom settings for optimum workflow.
Mixing Music in FL Studio

Mixing Your Music

Learn the proper mindset while mixing in FL Studio
Beat Tapes vs. Single Beat Releases

Beat Tapes.. the New Way

I prefer releasing beat tapes vs. single beats for multiple reasons..
How to Master in FL Studio

Mastering Your Music

Mastering is a very gentle and subtle process..

Recommended Audio Books:

Here are a few books regarding the music industry which have molded me to who I am today!

Favorite Audio Books

Favorite Audio Books

These are the audio books which I’ve read and recommend to you.

Recommended Podcasts:

Here’s some music podcasts which have been of extreme value to me furthering my audio knowledge:

The Mastering Show

The Mastering Show

Awesome content here which you should listen over at least twice!

Email Series:

Over my years, I’ve created online email courses for you guys.

Simply sign-up with your email and receive emails educating you on certain topics!

(Feel free to email me or check out my courses if you’d like me to cover a specific topic!)