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Hey Adam!  I would not suggest adding the Piano Roll to this main FL Studio window layout because there’s not enough working space for workflow!

We only use the Piano Roll when we want to add MIDI Notes or adjust the notes.

Remember these FL Studio Keyboard Shortcuts we talked about to open the different FL Studio Windows:

  • F5 – Playlist
  • F6 – Channel Rack (Step Sequencer)
  • F7 – Piano Roll
  • F9 – Mixer

Most of the time we only open the Piano Roll when we want to add notes or adjust notes.

The best way to do that is just by clicking the MIDI Notes in the Channel Rack so you can maintain that 3 Window layout:

  • Channel Rack
  • Mixer
  • Playlist

If you want to make the Playlist bigger, just hit Enter.

If you want to open the Piano Roll, just click the MIDI Notes of that sound in the Channel Rack (or go Right-Click -> Piano Roll).

I tell you this because we only use the Piano Roll at certain times, whereas the Channel Rack, Mixer, and Playlist are apart of the entire music production process.

  • Channel Rack allows us to see what’s playing in our patterns, and create new loops
  • Playlist is how we arrange our song
  • Mixer is how we adjust our song’s sound with volume, panning, and effects like EQ, Compression, etc.

To save the window layout, did you try this?:

View -> Arrange windows -> Save custom layout