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If I were to personally purchase new headphones today, I’d look to the models I shared above..

The main reason being they are more affordable and I’m sure you’d get decent results.

The biggest thing with headphones is learning how they sound (which takes awhile to get used to), and comfort (even expensive headphones can be uncomfy).

Once you reach a certain price level in audio equipment, you often only are getting very small percentage improvements..

For example, I bought an expensive pair of in-ear-monitors for my FL Studio Course trainings hoping they’d give a huge improvement.. but my $20 ear buds are very comparable.. (how expensive?  Try $499 😟).. The ear buds look nice.. they have a nice audio cable.. and yes I can hear the bass a little clearer in the low-end.. but for an extra $470.. I think the improvement is probably like 2%.. [exaggerating a little, but it’s not a huge improvement])

You can also purchase a couple online and return the ones you don’t like.. I’d probably suggest that so you can find one that is comfortable, and that reproduces audio similar to what your ears are used to with music you listen to.

The room correction software stuff I haven’t taken too much advantage of.. I tried it once with my studio speakers and had very bad results.. I just learned how my room sounds, and then listen on different audio systems.. this is the easiest and most affordable approach, and gives me pretty consistent results.