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I don’t have a particular genre I like when making beats.. so just know when I teach beatmaking it’s all about finding your own sound.. whether that be a dance beat or an emotional rap beat.

For some tips about getting started with EDM:

  • EDM is usually a faster tempo (like 128-140BPM)
  • EDM usually uses a lot of sidechain compression based off the kick drum ducking volume of other instruments
  • There’s LOTS of different styles of EDM (as your title says)

Back when I was learning FL Studio, dubstep was a huge genre.. and used a lot of LFO filters for that “wobble sounds in beats”..

This is why I always advise students to find their own sound and style of beats, because when the trends change in the music production industry, you either have to learn making beats in that specific genre again (which is actually very hard), or you fade out really fast and hard..

Do you have any specific questions about EDM?  That covers that basic stuff pretty much..