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Hey Adam!  Yeah making your own beat from scratch is an indescribable feeling..

It gives such a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment that YOU made the beat!

We as beatmakers need high-quality sounds from professional sound designers, but from that point, we create all the melodies with MIDI Notes and program drum loops with one-shot drum samples.

This gives the most flexibility in your song’s arrangement, and the most confidence and reward as a producer in the end result!

I’m glad you have come to this conclusion, as sometimes people realize this way later on, only to realize they spent so much time learning the “cheating way” of making beats.. (loading in pre-made loops or midi packs).

It takes YEARS to learn your music program and how to actually make beats (remember, these are two very different things).

Keep at it in the COURSE PATHWAYS, and you’ll see you will actually learn faster, even if at first it may seem you’re learning slower.

Give it 3 months and you’ll be moving forward a lot faster.  (I’m still learning things every day.. you will never learn everything in music production).