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Hey Adam!

I’m not sure if you have any experience with other DAWs, but FL Studio works with PATTERNS.

A pattern is essentially like a “loop”.. and when we arrange music, we’re just using loops which we combine together to make up a song’s arrangement.

For example, you have 3 patterns (loops):

  • Piano Loop (Just 1 Instrument)
  • Guitar Loop (Just 1 Instrument)
  • Drum Loop (Let’s say 5 sounds are used)

These are new 3 unique patterns in FL Studio that we can add and remove into FL Studio’s Playlist.

This is actually a core concept you must understand to proceed with your beatmaking knowledge, as this is how beatmaking works.

I would highly suggest understanding the main concepts in my FL Studio Beginners Course.

You can always watch the course on a faster speed to absorb knowledge quicker.. like 1.5x or 2x speed.  My FL Studio Course for beginners teaches you the fundamentals of FL Studio from a beatmaker’s point of view.  You learn my setup and workflow, as well as beatmaking fundamentals.

Once your patterns are made, we add them into the Playlist.

I like to navigate patterns with my NUMBER PAD’s + and – (the normal + and – on your keyboard are not the same as the number pad).

I created a Number Pad in FL Studio course to learn this workflow, too.

To recap, my FL Studio Beginner Course teaches how to use FL Studio step-by-step, which breaks down how patterns/loops work, and how to add them into the Playlist.

We also break down each window’s settings in FL Studio for what I like to enable/disable.