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Hey Adam!

Question 1:  For what order to watch my drum loop courses, I’d suggest:

  • Foundational Drum Loop Basics
  • How to Make Drum Loops for Beginners
  • SAFE SPOTS: Create Amazing Drum Loops

(There’s also a SAFE SPOTS Book [eBook on website, paperback on Amazon] which is aimed at intermediate to advanced producers when you’re ready for that.)

I will be reorganizing COURSE PATHWAYS when the new website revamp launches.. hopefully this week I can get it live!

Question 2:  What drum plugin should you use…

I suggest NO DRUM PLUGIN, and learn to make custom drum loops with One-Shot Drum Samples, which I show in all of those drum loop training courses (aimed at beatmakers).

I use the Xclusive-Audio Drum Bundle TRIO sounds quite often in my FL Studio courses.

Those 3 Drum Loop Courses above will get you up and running!

Remember these wise words about drum loops..

You never know how a drum loop will sound until you play melodies over top.. a drum loop may not sound very good, but the melodies combined with that drum loop can be exactly what you’re looking for.