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Hey Sam!  Congrats on wanting to take music production seriously!  This is the next step to start advancing to allow your skills to improve tremendously!

Once your first computer isn’t able to handle music production well, this is a clear sign that you are improving at beatmaking!  So good job for keeping at it!

For music production, it’s mainly all about the CPU (the brains of the computer).  I suggest Intel CPU for FL Studio and music production.. I break down that here:

Usually pre-made computers don’t give you as good of quality for the money spent, but they are convenient as they are an all-in-one computer solution for music production.

The best approach is to build a custom music production computer.  Here’s an older video series I did on that:

Best Computer for Music Production and FL Studio

I plan on creating a music production computer series in a couple months.. just trying to get this brand-new website revamp launched, and some organization on my end.

In short, here’s what you need for music production:

  • A good CPU with a fast single-thread speed (Intel 13700K would be a great option.. in terms of price and performance.. this computer would last 6-7 years easily for music production.. it’s very powerful).
  • 16GB of RAM minimum (try to get lowest CL latency you can get.. and DDR5 is now affordable.. so I’d go for a DDR5 setup personally!)
  • You do not need a graphics card, as the CPU has a built-in graphics card!  (Unless you want to go some gaming or use it for video editing, etc.)

Definitely watch my best music production computer series.. the information is still very relevant for today’s computers!

Hope you are doing well with your music, learning, and that the platform is helping you!