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Hey Adam!

Before answering, it’s important you know that I like to make beats with Virtual Instruments and One-Shot Drum Samples (for original authentic beats).  This allows you to become the most well-rounded producer and learn all aspects of the beatmaking process.

Next, if you choose to use pre-made loops, it’s best if you use .WAV instead of .MP3, as .WAV is higher quality (no compression), whereas .MP3 is a lossy-codec, meaning frequencies are removed from the .MP3 to make it a smaller file size at the cost of lower-quality.  (But .MP3 files remove frequencies in such a way that our ear doesn’t really perceive it too much, especially when exported @ 256kbps or higher.. so just know, if you want to use loops, use .WAV [16-Bit, or 24-Bit]).

To change a sound’s pitch in FL Studio, we do this within the Channel Sampler.

In your case, first drag the audio file into the Playlist (song mode).  Then you can either double-click the wave form in the Playlist, or just click the audio’s name in the Channel Rack.. which will open that sound’s Channel Sampler.

The Channel Sampler is where we adjust unique properties of a sound.  Be aware that the Channel Sampler has reduced features for an audio file dragged into the Playlist compared to a Virtual Instrument, or a sound used for MIDI purposes (building a custom drum loop).

In the top-right of the Channel Sampler, you’ll see a “Pitch” knob.  Simply just turn it up or down to adjust pitch.

If you’d like to be more drastic with pitch, the number beside it called RANGE, just adjust higher.

Let me know if you’re confused!