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Hey Adam!

I would not suggest a mini MIDI Keyboard, as it severely restricts your ability to play chords and melodies with both hands for a fast workflow.

Where is a Mini MIDI Keyboard good?  I’d say if you’re travelling, have a tight budget, or just want to play a couple notes off a MIDI Keyboard for one-hand chords.. but this won’t give you the improvisation you see in my courses.

I cannot give a recommendation for a Mini MIDI Keyboard.. but the Oxygen Pro does have a Mini model.. and I’m currently using the M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49.

Here’s what I suggest to students wanting to make beats and use a MIDI Keyboard with FL Studio:

  • 49-Keys (semi-weighted)
  • Transport Buttons have: LOOP, Play, Stop, Record, Forward, Back
  • Shouldn’t be too expensive..
  • And doesn’t require too much software to use (or be stuck into a company’s software eco-system).

It’s totally up to you!  But for my workflow, I personally like a 49-Key.

A 61-Key is quite big, and costs more, AND it’s hard to fit your audio interface right next to the MIDI Keyboard for a fast workflow on changing volume (for headphones & speakers).

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