Reply To: Sounds Clashing and When to Adjust Volumes in Beats


Yeah how to choose sounds for beats is one of the trickiest things to learn..

Another things you’ll hear me talk about in that Beat from Scratch Course is sounds (presets) designed for beatmakers.

The benefit of Nexus is that many of the sounds were designed by Manuel Schleis.. I’ve used a lot of sound design over my years, but his sound design (and many of the Nexus sound designers) create very useable presets for beatmakers.

That means:

  • Don’t mess with pitch too much to the point of being unusable
  • Powerful for chords / melodies
  • Lots of versatility like leads, pads, strings, orchestra (if you get some add-ons)

Keep in mind, every sound designer will always make their presets sound really good because of the amount of effects they add on when played by itself.. so you’ll typically always back off on the effects a little bit (as you see in the FL Studio Course there).

I cannot give my recommendation on what Virtual Instrument to Buy..

But from my experience, I’ve really enjoyed Nexus, and now that the eLicensor is no longer required to use Nexus, it’s such a powerful tool (and lightweight), with sounds that are great for beatmakers.

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