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William Smith

Thank you. This all helps me think about all those volume knobs. I will start thinking in terms of signal flow like you said. Start at the OSC and work your way forward like you said. This helps.

The other problem I ran into was some synths sounding too quiet to work with, but when turning them up they would distort. I will take a linear approach like you mentioned.

Last, I don’t have to use a gain plugin in FL when we got that volume multiplier dial, too. I used to think I needed a gain plugin to bring up the volume of the synth but fl studio gave us that volume dial in the wrapper. I was like Yay! I can get more volume to work with that way.

Anyway, thinks for the OSC tip, too. It shows me you have to pay attention to ALL of the volume knobs.

I own a digital 8-track recorder and you are right about the hardware level settings. Its nice to have and you get zero latency when recording vocals and guitar. Then you transfer the mp3 or wav over to your DAW.

Your “Make a Beat From Scratch Vol. 1 – GratuiTous” is really good, too. I am picking up some new tips. I learned something about the mixers I didn’t think about before. 😉

Thanks! Feel free to add anything now or later. Take care.

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