Reply To: Fruity Limiter Type in Setting Number


Haha – In FL Studio if you right-click and select “Type in value” you will get different options depending on if you’re in a plugin or on a mixer insert fader volume.

At the moment FL Studio offers us:

– Percentages (0% to 100%)

– Decimal values (0-1)

– Context aware values (typing in dB value)

You can read the FL Studio Help Manual on these values (search for “type in value”).

If you reset the Fruity Limiter‘s ceiling with right-click -> reset, then right-click the ceiling knob again and select “Type in value”, you will see it starts at .5.

So 100% (12dB) is 1, and 50% (0dB) is .5.

My advice is to set up a FL Studio Template where the limiter ceiling is set at -1dB so you don’t have to do each time!  (Or, use the FabFilter Pro-L 2 for the awesome workflow/sound!)

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