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Great question!

Some beatmakers take the approach of using the same verse then chorus then verse then chorus then verse.. there’s literally no change-up at all..  If the beat suits it, it can work, but the beat REALLY has to suit this song structure in my opinion.

I personally like to have verse 1 different from verse 2 and also different from verse 3 for the most part.

To combat this, that’s why I like to create a bunch of instruments that I can mix/match for different combinations to see what works.

Remember, some instruments will be your STRONG melodies, and work no matter what..

Some melodies are much weaker, and can only be played in combination with other instruments.

This is where the arrangement comes into play.

Arrangement is what takes a good beat into a GREAT beat.

A couple things you can try:

  1. Try the Walk Around Test
  2. Try having one or two extra instrument melodies to add in / remove at different times of the song
  3. Try to change up your verses.. it can help bring “freshness”

Lastly, make sure you are understanding my concept of Audio Painting.. which is all about PREPARING A LISTENER BEFORE A CHANGE HAPPENS.. This is the true secret to captivating your listener’s emotions and attention!

I have talked about Audio Painting in a Podcast, as well as in my 5 Golden Pillars of Music Production Course.

In short, as a music producer it’s all about creating catchy melodies that go with your other melodies.. it’s actually really hard to do!

Make sure you are wise in your sound selection, and try to mix up your verses.. use your SFX and various Audio Painting tricks to improve your song structure, and then it’s just a matter of some mixing/mastering to polish it up!

Hope this help..