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I had a bad experience with a couple of plugin vendors. One, wouldn’t respond to emails. The cool thing is I always pay with Paypal, so they are good about getting you a refund. I got my refund but left aggravated by the vendor. The second vendor didn’t provide a help file that would help you learn how to use it.

Also, I would like to say that Gratuitous is right in his course about picking an “established vendor” and not some fly-by-night (not the RUSH song) vendor.

I know when you look for a contractor for house repair they say to always get three bids and don’t fool with anyone who hasn’t been in business for at least seven years. I am not sure what the average plugin vendor shelf life is, but after this course its something I will think about.

Also, most synths are similar in most aspects. Also, keep in mind most have trial versions which can help you make a better decision. Heck, if the vendor doesn’t have a trial version send them an email and ask for one.

They say, in life, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Hope this helps and hope its okay to respond.