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Hey again Sam!  It’s important to understand how a MIDI Keyboard works!

A MIDI Keyboard has no sounds in it by itself!  Meaning, we don’t “import sounds into a MIDI Keyboard”.

When you make beats with FL Studio (or any DAW), a MIDI Keyboard is a controller which triggers sounds in your music program.

In other words..

You load the sounds into your music program, then the MIDI Keyboard plays those sounds in your music program.

This is why an expensive MIDI Keyboard is no different than a cheap MIDI Keyboard!

The expensive MIDI Keyboard costs more, and might have more sliders, knobs, drum pads, and “features”, but the whole purpose of a MIDI Keyboard is to play the piano (play Virtual Instruments), or trigger drum samples inside your music program.

So in short, in your membership, please watch A Specific Music Production Folder.

If you remember from our FL Studio Lesson, I told you it’s highly recommended to create a custom music folder!

Never allow bad sounds or plugins into your custom music folder.. always test to see if you like them, THEN your music production folder only has high-quality music production tools you like!

In this music folder, you should create a DRUM KITS folder!  Then you simply drag your drum kits folder into FL Studio, which would be seen in the browser!

In short, this is how to import drum samples into FL Studio:

  1. Add the Urban Heat Drum Kit into your drum kit folder
  2. Drag this “Drum Kits” folder into FL Studio
  3. You’ll now see “Drum Kits” in FL Studio’s Browser (where you select sounds)

Now you click and drag the sounds into the Chanel Rack (Step Sequencer), and you’re good to go!

Hardware Keyboards usually allow you to import sounds, but you don’t want a hardware keyboard because music production software (DAW.. FL Studio) allows you to save and re-open easy, and you are able to use so many plugins, and you can use a super powerful computer..

Hardware keyboards were powerful WAY back in the day (or maybe for live performances..)

What MIDI Keyboard did you purchase?

I’m currently using the M-Audio Oyxgen Pro.