Reply To: Music Theory and Intervals

William Smith

I will add that I have seen a lot of ads on Facebook advertising apps/software that AI generate everything for you; but, as an artist, its like having someone else paint the painting for you. I realize some will use these tools to make a quick buck, but is that the legacy you want to leave behind? I know most people who work like to feel a sense of “accomplishment”. Also, the AI doesn’t convey expression and emotion like a human and a keyboard. It doesn’t know when to randomly move the pitch bend wheel or when to make a part of the song louder or software. That is something that a computer can’t mimmic. The emotional aspect. Now that I think of it, using that AI software; basically, makes you like the dude playing Guitar Hero and thinking they are a real guitarist. I mean this is just my opinion, like its going to change the world or anything. Later.

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