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I admit that I was letting myself get stuck on that and you made it sound easier than I was making it. I did start playing some intervals on my keyboard with an interval chart. I kind of see why it may interest musicians. For example, I did a Google search and read some people associate certain intervals with certain songs. For example, a minor second would be the jaws theme. Interesting stuff. I know how to read music some, but always ignored the intervals. Haha When messing around with learning synths and sound design I noticed that certain house chords sounded good with certain intervals. And setting a setting to a seventh sounds good for something. I am going to move on and focus on scales; instead, of getting stuck thinking I can’t move on unless I master intervals. I have a bad habit of getting myself stuck at times. Haha To be honest… Last, I keep hearing your voice in the videos saying, “Stay in your Daw. Stay in your Daw.” You brainwashed me! Haha But that is a good thing. 😛 I want to sit around and learn all day and have to remind myself to JUST DO IT like that Nike shoes.