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Ya, so that’s why I was saying it’s a bit of a controversial topic, because there’s a huge “grey area” when it comes to “what should be allowed with loops”.

When we make beats, there’s Original Compositions and Sampling.

In the Sampling world, using loops is what they do.  However, sampling is a very talented art and skillset.  This is when you take a loop, chop it up, and recreate your own song..  Think popular hip-hop beats back in the day where they used old songs in the chorus of beats.

In the Original Compositions of making beats world, in my opinion, it’s all about creating your music from scratch.  What does this mean?  To me, it means creating melodies and drum loops which are unique.  This is important for a few reasons:

  1. Very little chance of fighting copyright infringement
  2. The skill level separates the pros from the novices
  3. You can truly have your own sound

A cool approach to sampling is sampling your own music.  This way you can get that unique sampled sound, while not worrying about copyright 🙂.

Does that make things a little clearer?

It’s not about if your sounds are stock in FL Studio, or third-party sounds, it’s more about “did you actually make the music?”.

We need high-quality sounds.. whether it be a stock Virtual Instrument, or a Third-Party Virtual Instrument, the underlying discussion is “are they your MIDI Notes” (compared to dragging in someone else’s MIDI Pack.. a “done-for-you melody solution”.. you will learn very little, and never truly find your own sound this way)..

Let me know if that makes things a little clearer..