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Hey Alberto!

So this is a bit of a controversial topic.

I’m on the fence of “calling yourself a producer is making your beats from scratch”.  That means using Virtual Instruments with MIDI Notes, and using One-Shot Drum Samples to create custom drum loops.

Being a sound designer is different than being a beatmaker, so we need to have high-quality sounds created for us, then we can make our music off of those high-quality sounds (which takes much practice and skill.. with many many hours.. that’s what makes a good producer GOOD!)

Nowadays, a lot of FL Studio Tutorials and “producers” are using pre-made loops… they simply drag them in, “call them their own”, and release their music with done-for-you loops, which is technically not their own music.

When these loops are sold, the vendor says they are “royalty-free”, but in reality, you can get red-flagged on streaming services if your music sounds too similar (someone used the exact loop you did, without any alteration).

I’m of the strong opinion that is not producing.. it’s just dragging in a loop.. they then maybe add one or two of “their own melodies”, then release the track.

Keep following the COURSE PATHWAYS, and you’ll see I teach you step-by-step to create your own custom beats here.

The end results gives you the most rewarding feeling, and you become an incredibly versatile, well-rounded producer.

If someone asks you, “Did you make that beat?”.. you can confidently say, “Yes!”.

It’s harder, but worth it.

…also there are things called dry files and wet files what’s the difference?

For Dry and Wet, this typically means that the DRY has no effect on it.. and the WET has processing/effects on it.