Reply To: Buy Audio Interface in Early Learning Stages of Music Production?

William Smith

As for me, I got a USB interface for my PC and it has been collecting dust. Haha
But, I will use it for vocals in the future–if I decide to sing again. And from my research, the course material here has the best suggestion for what to purchase.

Also, I had a friend say something about getting a good preamp and condenser mic to make a good sounding recording which GratuiTous covers in his courses. Seriously, get the lifetime course from here–it is worth it.

If you are not sure about FL Studio, I think it is the best out their for beats and it works great with VST3. I have read that other DAWS tend to crash a lot with VST unless you use their native plugins.

I am using a laptop and haven’t had any problems with lag or latency with the following system information:
Windows 11 Home
Central Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8265U CPU @ 1.60GHz

I don’t practice this, but I have read it is best to have an isolated PC that you use just for music production. Also, if you keep it off of the internet and use what I call “the sneaker net” (USB drive or portable hard drive) to install software is safer.
And backup, backup, backup, etc…

As an aside, PLEASE do not ignore ergonomics.
I used to use a mouse for 8-12 hours per day on the job and it gave me carpal tunnel. My hands tingle and it can be painful.

I had a friend that was a computer programmer who ruined his hands from typing. The sad thing was that he played guitar and had to quit and play drums because his hands hurt too much to type or play guitar. Health like safety first!!! But I got off topic.

And I still find myself wanting to review these courses a second time around or more. Good advice if you listen and be patient.

Hope this helps someone!

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