Reply To: Buy Audio Interface in Early Learning Stages of Music Production?


Hi Alberto!  I hope you’re enjoying the membership, and very good question!

The short answer is NO!   You do not need an audio interface to make beats.

The next question is.. “When do I need an Audio Interface”, then, right!?


An audio interface becomes very useful when you want to start plugging in audio equipment, like reference monitor speakers, microphones, or headphones that need a little extra power to drive them.

The built-in audio into your laptop or computer from the motherboard itself it usually very high-quality nowadays, so that won’t be a factor in regards to making poor quality music!

At the moment, I’m using the Mackie Big Knob Studio, which is pretty powerful to switch between two sets of speakers (great to help your music sound good on different speakers (translate) in the real world).

For now, I’d say wear headphones or use a decent set of speakers that allows you to hear bass to learn the beatmaking basics until you’re ready to jump into more audio equipment!

You can also browse my Essential Gear Needed to Make Beats course to learn how to save money when buying audio equipment, and what to generally look for!

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