Reply To: Can FL Studio Convert Recorded Music into Sheet Music?


Hi Celia, yes it looks like the Windows version of FL Studio has a built-in way to Convert MIDI Notes to Sheet Music, using the feature Export as score sheet.. (available in the Piano Roll!)

Here’s a very helpful Image-Line forum post about making sheet music in FL Studio:


There also seems to be another way of exporting all your different sounds and instruments into a MIDI File, which you can then import into the free MuseScore software to view and listen back!

DAWNLIGHT (very helpful Image-Line forum user) shares it like this:

Go Tools > Macros > Prepare for MIDI export

Then.. File > Export > MIDI file… on export dialog select “Pattern” as the “Project type”, then export.


Let me know how it works out for you, or if you have a more specific question about this.

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