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Hi Rene!  I don’t have too much up-to-date information regarding “selling beats”, as I haven’t looked into this for many years.

When someone buys a beat, there’s two ways they can purchase:

  1. Purchase a single .MP3 or .WAV beat (where they just put their vocals over)
  2. Purchase the “trackouts”, also known as “audio stems” (this allows them to mix/master the beat for a professional sound

Option 1 is often lower priced, as it offers less flexibility for the artist.

Option 2 is often more expensive as it gives the artist more flexibility, and allows them to get a higher-quality end result (studio sound).

Regarding your question:

Do we have to upload the whole song stems, or the track sections as well?

To clarify..

You are uploading the whole .MP3/.WAV to the customer (for the lower-tiered option).

You are uploading the whole song in “stems” so the customer can have full flexibility on mixing (for a higher-tier).

You will learn in this world of online business it’s all about “adding more value” and “upselling” for a better user experience.

Does this answer your question?  Do you have further information?


One question I have for you.  Is “how to sell beats” a topic you’d like me to cover to help you along?