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Hi Jireh, thanks for your business, and I hope you enjoy my Online FL Studio Courses!

The idea is that there are so many people wanting to learn FL Studio, and how to make professional beats.  If the pricing is affordable (as you took advantage of), that is more than enough income to keep the website sustainable, and to continue doing this long-term.. (high-quality beatmaking education).

Another point is that it doesn’t feel stressful, and you can learn at your own pace and come back to the videos to learn beatmaking in FL Studio easily.

You will find my website is very organized to allow you to learn beatmaking in a simple and organized fashion!

Here’s how to get the best results:

  1. Join the membership to access all courses (and learn at your own pace] ✅
  2. Follow my COURSE PATHWAYS
  3. Use this questions area as you go along!

One thing you will understand is there’s lots of people who can make music, but not everyone can teach!  Teaching is very different than “showing”.

You may like my latest podcast episode about 3 Type of Music Production Educators:

S3E4 – 3 Types of Music Production Educators


And for more information on the COURSE PATHWAYS, you can listen here:

S2E29 – The Course Pathways

I hope you enjoy the platform, thank-you so much for your business, and use this questions area as you go along!

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