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William Smith

I am starting to feel a lot more confident and starting to figure out how I want to do things and like your best practices.

If one feels like they are not learning everything they need from these courses, I suggest going through all of the courses because almost all of my questions have been answered.

Thank you for learning all of this and putting it into a course.

Also, one of my biggest newbie hurdles was figuring out how I want to do drums when starting out. I discovered that working off of the piano roll/grid seems to work for me. The other way is FPC used with the grid is cool, too. I did purchase Playbeat 3 and Drumaxx but find myself liking your method of working with the Trio Sample pack, Channel Rack/Step Sequencer and grid. All you need is FL Studio and high quality samples that are on this site.

Safespots course is cool and I like your concept of “audio painting” which is a unique way of putting things.

And, being a visual learner, I find the videos to be more geared towards my learning style. I am not a great verbal learner so seeing it in action helps.

Like I said, there is no worries if you don’t do the certificates. I mean, I watched them and know I watched the videos. Haha


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