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1. Why do you want a “certificate of completion”?

It was more personal. It reminded me that I challenged myself, made a commitment and started and finished something.

However, I do music for fun and its not really too important.

It might be a good idea for someone studying music or looking to get a job in the music industry to show a potential employer what they have learned; especially, if the instructor uses this course(s) as part of their curriculum?

2. What will you do with these “certificates of completion”?

They would be cool to hang up in your music room as a reminder of what you accomplished. They could be useful if you are going to work with a record company or want your collaborators to know what you know. This could help them decide if “what you know” is good enough to work with them.

3. Would you like it so it’s easily able to download/print out?

These days everything is electronic and online so printing them out make sense.

It might be nice to have it on special paper with a seal “for show” or because it is pleasing to look at in your studio.

I don’t have to have one(s), so no big deal if that isn’t available and no worries.

As an aside, I learned about how to do “glitch” music through your automation course which is very helpful. I enjoyed watching your examples using Gross Beat and Dblue Glitch.