Reply To: Exporting your song to stems (wet) for mix/master

Michael Hayes

Thanks for the response Riley,
Ya, my thoughts to a large degree are similar. A bit confusing alright, but with regards to the ‘sends’ I was thinking leaving them separated makes more sense. But what was catching me is that if for instance you have a clap, a keys, a perc, all going into the reverb sent you hear them all in the stem when you single it out and you can’t listen individually, only the wet version of the mixer track (s) its coming from.
I am not at the moment thinking of sending any beat to an engineer, no, not yet. What started all this really was that I am messing around with stem mixing and mastering my own beats to see any advantages, most notably the CPU on bigger projects. Also, the FL 21 updates imo have made this process enjoyable as you can do some manipulation in the audio stem itself.
Thanks again Riley.

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