Reply To: Exporting your song to stems (wet) for mix/master


Hey Michael!

When FL Studio exports stems, it exports ALL mixer inserts.

This can be a little confusing, because you can actually be left with duplicate audio tracks, which if you use them, it will mess with your original mix!  (For example if you have a “DRUMS BUS”, where you routed 3 drums into it, you’ll get a DRUMS BUS audio file [which you should use], but also the DRUM 1, DRUM 2, and DRUM 3 [which should not be used]).

For the send stems, I’m not sure how to best approach this, as I never send music out or receive music with stems, but I’d say it’s best to have these as individual files, then you can still blend the audio in/out as desired with full flexibility..

What are your thoughts – What have you seen out there?

And.. are you getting your music mixed professionally somewhere!?

Let me know!

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