Reply To: I bought Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro Headphones 250 ohms

William Smith

“Do you have an audio interface yet?”

I have an older discontinued AudioBox I bought used from Guitar Center. Its nice and built out of metal. However, don’t know what the microphone preamp(s) compare to the Focursite, as mentioned in your courses about equipment and gear.

I plugged the headphones in to it and no volume increase. Same as laptop.

And I spent money on a Behringer Micro Mon MA40 for under 50 bucks. I didn’t know all that stuff about sensitivity and ohms so it was a wee bit louder, but think I need a more powerful headphone amp. I wish I knew this before getting the headphones because getting a headphone amp is a “surprise fee” like you get at the hospital. Haha

I am tempted to say I don’t have to have the amp, but everything I read says you need one. However, I do have to keep the amp I bought cranked all the way up.


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