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Hey William, thanks so much for your questions, and I hope you’ve been enjoying the platform.

The first thing I really want to stress is how important it is to have good high-quality drum samples.  This means not having to disable loop points, the sound hit hard, and provide tons of flexibility!

Loop points are saved depending on how the sound designer created their sound pack.. This means they left loop points within the audio file, which automatically has loop points enabled.

Certain DAWs may not care about loop points, but FL Studio does, as you’ve realized.

When you play a note with Loop Points enabled, it literally loops over and over for however long you’ve held down the note.  (If you play up high, you can sometimes use this for a melody.. but it could be out of pitch, depending on the sound!)

No, I don’t think there’s a global “disable loop points” 😟..

This is why I highly suggest using well designed drum kits, as not only do they sound good, they work well within FL Studio.

One other thing you may notice with samples that have loop points enabled is that the “root note” is not at “C5”.. this makes the original sound different, as well.

Hit the Miscellaneous function tab (wrench in the Channel Sampler), and at the bottom, you’ll see “Root note”.  Right-Click “C5” to get the sound back to normal.

Let me know if you need further clarification!