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Hey William!

Gross Beat is a plugin by Image-Line (the makers of FL Studio).

It’s an audio manipulation plugin which allows for some of the industry’s most powerful effects like tape stops (beat slow down), gating, retriggering, shuffling, and many other types of audio manipulation based on how you adjust the curve.

I actually don’t have any training on Gross Beat at the moment 🙁.. I will add this to the list for maybe an upcoming course.

If you do not have Gross Beat, an alternative I use often is dBlue Glitch  (I personally just use version 1, which is free.. there’s also version 2 [paid], as well!).

I like to use Gross Beat by creating automation clips and then using the “hold” curve within an automation clip to “trigger” a different slot.  You can get the value of the Slot by right-clicking -> copy.  Then in the automation clip, you just go right-click -> paste on a point.

I hope that helps for the time being..

I’d use Gross Beat only at certain times a song usually, like right before the song changes like from verse to chorus to take advantage of what I call audio painting.