Reply To: What’s your recommendation for a loudness meter/limiter on the master channel?


Hey Dan!

If one is on a budget, then on the mastering chain I’d put the Fruity Limiter then the Youlean Loudness Meter as the LAST plugin is what I’d recommend so the loudness meter is measuring what’s going on after all effects.  (Here’s an article about a mastering chain).

If you have FabFilter plugins, what I personally suggest is to just use Pro-L 2 for both your limiter and loudness meter for a couple reasons.

First, it’s just one plugin, to follow my SELECT WISE PLUGINS AS A PRODUCER workflow.  (You’re only loading in one plugin instead of using two plugins, which increases compatibility at a later date for old FL Studio projects [.flp]).

Second, the FabFilter Pro-L 2 is an industry standard, and provides very transparent loudness without super audible pumping when limiting.  (And you have different flavors of Limiting if you so choose!)

Long story short, if on a budget, the Fruity Limiter then the Youlean Loudness Meter.  If you have the FabFilter plugins, then just use Pro-L 2 for the best of both worlds (great limiter, and industry compliant loudness meter with dBTP built in for TRUE PEAK LIMITING!)

Those reading, you can learn what FabFilter plugins to buy.

Using FL Studio with FabFilter plugins gives you the best of both worlds (FL Studio gives the awesome beatmaking workflow, FabFilter gives the awesome mixing/mastering workflow, while having full control over your audio).

Let me know if you need further clarity!

For more info, view my mastering in FL Studio articles!

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