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Hey again Emmanuel, again your enrollment into the membership means so much man!

I haven’t personally used the AKAI Fire Controller, but I do think it is REALLY COOL how they came out with an official MIDI Controller (now the new “FLKey by Novation” is also available, which is also an official MIDI Keyboard for FL Studio)..

As I haven’t used it, I cannot say any personal opinions in regards to reviews and its usage..

For me personally, I’ve just used FL Studio with a MIDI Keyboard (M-Audio Oxygen Pro [REVIEW] at the moment), Mouse and Typing Keyboard.

For a typing keyboard, I personally suggest to have the number pad.. I’m currently using the HyperX Alloy Core RGB, which not only has a number pad, but the media buttons which is useful if listening to music outside of FL Studio (or turning up/down desktop audio to microphone input volume!!)

You can see the typing keyboard in usage inside my new Windows Shortcuts for Music Producers course!

I’m sure you can work the AKAI Fire somehow into your workflow, but as you mentioned, you will not see me using it, as I don’t have it (it’s a newer product which I have not acquired yet, and really enjoy the simple MIDI Keyboard, Mouse, and Typing Keyboard workflow of FL Studio.. and FabFilter plugins, of course!)