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Hey Emmanuel!

Thanks for watching the A Specific Music Production Folder course which is all about creating a custom music folder for music production that is organized and efficient!

Obviously you can organize your stuff however you want.. but I’ve found that organizing sound kits by Vendor, and throwing in each drum kit you buy into that particular Vendor’s folder, just allows for the easiest organization.

Over time, you will KNOW where your sounds are.  That’s a part of being a music producer!  It’s like if you are a construction worker and you have a tool pouch.. each tool gets its own area, and you know where they are when you want it.

Sure, there are “sample managers”, or you can try to organize your sound kits by “genre”, but I’ve just found organizing by Vendor is easiest because since I don’t have millions of sounds (and I don’t recommend that either for my students.. as it’s all about VARIETY and QUALITY which you will learn in SAFE SPOTS), I can easily remember where I can go for a certain style of sound, if that makes sense.

If you want to buy another drum kit from that vendor, you can easily look to see if you already own it!

I hope you are enjoying the Drum Bundle TRIO sounds.. lots of versatility in there!

Again, do what you want that works best for you..

As long as you have a music folder, with a DRUM KITS folder, that will be the biggest takeaway from the course for organization for you 🙂