Reply To: Can’t Use FL Studio F-Key Shortcuts on Laptop (How to Disable Function Keys)


Hey man, hope you are well!

This is because your laptop has “function keys lock enabled” rather than having the regular F1-F12 functionality!

There’s a couple ways to adjust this…

Sometimes on the actual keyboard itself you can enable/disable the Fn lock, or many times laptops have software that allow you to switch between if the Function Keys are F1-F12 Keys or Special Keys.

(Or, you may have to go into your BIOS/UFEI settings and you’d be able to adjust this function key as well).

WITHOUT CHANGING ANYTHING.. you should still be able to use the F1-F12 keys if you hold down the Fn key then press F6 to access the Channel Rack, for example..

But, if you’d like to have your normal operation of F1-F12 instead of the laptop special keys like sleep etc.. then you’ll have to do a little research on how to switch the default behavior of the F-Keys on your laptop to normal F1-F12 instead of their special functionality..

Here’s a link from HowtoGeek to get you started!

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