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Hey man, I highly encourage you to start with my Course Pathways, and start in the “Beginner” section, with the actual FL Studio Beginner’s Course..

I show you step-by-step my whole workflow and that’s why a lot of people learn really fast in my platform, as it all stems from my FL Studio Beginner’s course!

But to answer your question, when working with notes (in the piano roll), I usually work in Step or 1/2 Step.

In order to note nudge, you can simply hold down ALT and LEFT-CLICK (DRAG), or the easiest way is to hold down SHIFT and use the scroll wheel.

In the Playlist I usually work in BEAT or BAR to never misalign patterns.. here’s a video I created about that awhile ago:

Long story short, I do not go back and forth between switching the snap for just simply note nudging.. I would switch snap if I want to add more notes in faster time for example!