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Hey there Walter! Thanks so much for enrolling into my Piano for Beatmakers Course!

Within the piano course, about halfway through, I share how to prepare for practicing piano as a beatmaker under: “Making Practicing Fun on a Piano”.

Now in regards to ACTUALLY practicing, what I suggest is keep things SIMPLE at first. This means playing with both hands, but try to play simple chords over DRUM LOOP. (This will help you practice in a real-world setting, and allow you to build improvisation skills on a piano when it comes to making a beat from scratch and trying to play chords and melodies).

When playing chords, I tend to choose 4 chords, and play them over the drum loop..

Beat 1 – C E G
Beat 2 – G B D
Beat 3 – A C E
Beat 4 – F A C

Try to play those chords with both the left and right hand over a drum loop and switch on each beat (you can make the TEMPO SLOWER to make things EASIER!)

(Remember, you have to choose a Key and Scale.. make sure to watch that video in the course)

The course will then show you tricks to practice with the left and right hand individually as well (all from a BEATMAKER’s perspective!)

Also a heads up, you can also watch the Piano Course in the PLATFORM (as well as the download you received).

Let me know if you have more questions about understanding piano for music production in FL Studio!

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